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INDUS Power Industries is a well-known Brand in Mumbai region for its quality products and excellent services. Our strength lies in our core values and ultimate customer satisfaction.

  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified Organization.
  • Over 20,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing Facility
  • Well Equiped R&D Lab Facility.
  • Wide Range of Quality Products.
  • Positive Financial Growth
  • PAN India Presence
  • UPS Production Capacity upto 15000 Nos P.A.
  • Battery Production Capacity Upto 10000 Nos P.A.
  • Customized Products
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Our Services


One of our major service operations is the Managed Energy Services,where we’ve got 100% customer-satisfaction in most onsite supports. Our aim is to meet peaks of activity With specific skills and experienced required for your short, medium & long term requirements.

Load Calculation

Even if you work with stamped drawings, you ll eventually need to do commercial load calculations in the field. We are familiar with continuous loads, & understand the over current protection requirements.

Solar Energy Solutions

Indus has leveraged its reliable relationships, knowledge and advanced experience to establish a strong team for design, engineering & project development, in order to bring solar energy solution and equipment, procurement & construction services to its customers.

Customized Solutions

Our Products consist of Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered products, individually designed to meet the highest demands of performance. These products offer tailored equipment that are not available in our standard product range.

Our Blog


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How to Maintain Lead-Acid Batteries for Optimal Performance

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The Critical Need for Online UPS in Industrial Applications

n today's world, industries are becoming increasingly dependent on technology & digital infrastructure. However, power disruptions, such as power surges.

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